Inshore Carolina Beach Fishing Charters

Carolina Beach offers a unique blend of river water outflow with the crystal clear waters of the ocean. This provides a nutrient rich environment that fish love to feed in. The stained inshore waters give way to miles of grass line that protect baitfish, which, in turn keeps the predatory fish such as black drum, red drum and speckled trout actively patrolling looking for a meal. A Carolina Beach hotspot known as Snows Cut connects the Intracoastal Waterway to the Cape Fear river. This long stretch of deep, fast moving water makes for some of the best flounder fishing in southeastern North Carolina with many 10 pound plus fish coming from this short stretch of water as well as Carolina Beach inlet.

Nearshore/Offshore Carolina Beach Fishing Charters

The geography of Carolina Beach makes for a great pit stop for migrating predatory fish crossing Frying Pan Shoals off of the Cape Fear River. Carolina Beach inlet funnels the stained river water of the Cape Fear out into the blue water of the Atlantic. This presents a great opportunity for bait to hide in the dirty water tidelines and predators to ambush them from the clear water. The area is famous for its springtime sight fishing of cobia that occurs around the bait balls hiding in the dirty water. A personal favorite is the king mackerel live bait bite that occurs in the fall of the year. Many tournament winning fish have come from this area. With many artificial and natural reef structures off Carolina Beach the bottom fishing is stellar. You can expect to catch many of our reef species on the bottom and lots of pelagics on the troll, including world-class size sharks.

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