Inshore Topsail Beach Fishing Charters

Topsail Beach is known for having vast amounts of water to fish. Along with beautiful clear water swiftly moving in from South Topsail inlet, there are countless finger creeks and bays to hold most inshore saltwater gamefish. Large tidewater bays hold huge concentrations of shrimp, which is on the top of the menu for any inshore predatory fish. In the right time of year, large speckled trout or “Gators”, as we call them, stack up around any moving water point behind Topsail Beach. This makes for some great light tackle fishing to be had. You can expect to find an abundance of flounder and drum sitting in the mouths of the many creeks behind Topsail waiting for a free meal to float by.

Nearshore/Offshore Topsail Beach Fishing Charters

As you head off of Topsail Beach into the beautiful clear waters, it gets hard to tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins. Topsail is fortunate enough to have numerous wrecks to fish right outside the inlet. Large numbers of reef complex fish and oceanic pelagics congregate around these underwater oases. A client favorite is getting the schools of amberjacks that frequent these wrecks up behind the boat. This is truly a test of will and strength pulling these 30 to 60 pound class beasts off the wreck on light tackle. Along with the jacks, another favorite is pitching live bait to the barracudas. This usually ends with exciting leaps and lightning fast runs. Late summer offers a chance at hooking into migrating tarpon right off the beach which can equate to the fish of a lifetime.

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